About Us

Company ELEKTROMETAL NOVA d.o.o., Bjelovar was founded on 02.11.2017 with the departure of Elektrometal d.d. bankruptcy. The equipment, machinery, technical and attestation documentation, production plant, and part of the workers and technical staff who worked in the production of fire locksmiths were taken over by the new owner, thus continuing the tradition of manufacturing fire locksmiths.

ELEKTROMETAL NOVA d.o.o. introduced a quality and environmental management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 2015 and ISO 14001 2015 to achieve the highest possible level of quality of its products and services in the production and installation of fire locksmiths, while taking care of the environment.
All our products are certified by the LABORATORY FOR HEAT MEASUREMENTS d.o.o. from Stubicka Slatina and the INSTITUTE OF CIVIL ENGINEERING from Zagreb.

Focusing on the customer, that is, customer satisfaction with our products, while taking care of meeting the needs of the wider community through environmental protection and social responsibility, as well as achieving the preconditions for continuous improvement of all processes in the organization, is the basic setting of ELEKTROMETAL-A NOVA's business.

ELEKTROMETAL NOVA d.o.o. engaged in the production of:
- fire doors in steel and aluminum fire resistance class EI30, EI60, EI90 and EI120
- fire-resistant glass walls in the fire resistance class EI30, EI60 and EI90
- sliding, fire doors (with and without swing doors inside sliding doors)
- Ballistic (impenetrable) doors according to EN 1522 FB2 and FB4
- X-ray doors
- fireproof expansion grilles in the EI60 and EI90 fire resistance class
- fireproof cabinets for the installation of fire control panel in class EI60