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      Elektrometal is a joint stock company for performance of installing and mounting works, production of fire-proof elements, gas distribution, and engeneering construction of investment facilities, with the seat in Bjelovar, plants in Daruvar and Koprivnica.
      The company was founded in 1946, and currently has 210 employees. It has the stock capital in the amount of EUR 4.250.000.


The main activity of Elektrometal includes:
      - engineering construction of investment facilities;
      - performing electrical installations, termotechnical installations and
        water plumbing;
      - production and mounting of fireproof elements;
      - organization of construction;
      - remodelling, interior decoration and furnishing;
      - reconstructions;
      - building construction;
      - civil engineering (main water-pipes, gas conduits and sewage
      - gas distribution.